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Megan Beyer, Chair of Sister Republics: Building Bridges Bilateral Women’s Conference Meets with Conference Participants in Washington, DC
photo by State Dept.

Jane Stetson, Cynthia Vance, Astri Kimball, Vanessa Reed, Megan Beyer, Sarah Morgenthau, Kate Michelman and Barbara Tanenbaum convene for lunch in Washington DC

November 8, 2011...Mrs.Megan Beyer traveled  to the Washington DC area for meetings with participants and invitees of the Sister Republics: Building Bridges conference.  Over lunch at “Founding Farmers” slow food restaurant a few blocks from the White House, leaders who attended last year’s bilateral women leaders conference talked about how they had integrated some ideas discussed at the conference into their lives over the past months. At lunch were political activist Jane Stetson, George Washington University Global Women’s Institute Ambassador Cynthia Vance, White House Counsel for Vice President  Joe Biden Astri Kimball, Justice Department Attorney Vanessa Reed, Peace Corp Director of Response Sarah Morgenthau, author and pro choice leader Kate Michelman, PBS talk show host Bonnie Erbe, and early childhood advocate Lynda Johnson Robb.

In addition to the reunion with participants, Mrs. Beyer met with the three researchers from the George Washington University Global Women’s Institute who are preparing a report comparing conditions for women leaders in the sister republics.  The findings of their comparative analysis, including  original research on gender issues in the workplace in Switzerland will be released in March.