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Applying for a Second U.S. Passport





Current regulations reflect the long-standing policy of the Department of State that no person should be in possession of more than one valid, or potentially valid, U.S. passport at any time unless specifically authorized by the Department of State.

The issuance of a second valid passport should be considered an exception to the regulations, and is to be approved on an individual basis only where justified. The second valid passport may not be limited geographically, i.e. for travel in only a few countries. It will, however, be limited in time, valid for a period of two years.  Thereafter, a new second valid passport must be applied for; second valid passports are no longer extendable.

To apply for a second valid passport, the applicant will need to submit the following documents:

  • Completed passport application form DS-82 or DS-11, as appropriate;
  • First-time applicant for a second valid passport cannot submit a copy of the document and must apply via one of the following methods:
  1. The current full validity (10 year) U.S. passport should accompany form DS-82 if the applicant is applying by mail. The applicant can send an accompanying stamped and self-addressed envelope for immediate return upon review.
  2. The applicant can appear in person for interview with form DS-82 and their current full validity (10 year) passport if they need their current passport for immediate use.
  • Renewal of second valid passport: Bearer's current second valid passport and copy of full validity (10 year) U.S. passport.
  • A signed written statement (PDF 40KB) giving the reason(s) why the second passport is required, and attesting that the loss of either of the two passports will be reported immediately to Passport Services, or if abroad, to the nearest U.S. Embassy, Consulate, or Consular Agency. Click here (PDF 40KB) for required statement.
  • One colored photograph, 5 x 5 cm (2 x 2 inches), head size from chin to top of head minimum 25 mm (1 inch), maximum 35 mm (1 3/8 inch), on a white, plain background, not including any white frame,  taken within the last 6 months, printed on normal photographic paper, full face (no hat, sunglasses, bandana etc.). 
  • The fee for passport renewal by mail is CHF 110.00 (or $110.00) to be sent by registered mail in Swiss Francs cash onlyNo checks of any kind are accepted.
  • Mail the old passport, completed application form, photograph, self-addressed stamped return envelope plus exact cash passport fee of CHF 110 by registered mail (Eingeschrieben/lettre signature/lettra raccomandato) to:
  • American Embassy
    ACS/Passport Section
    3001 Bern

    • Include a self-addressed prepaid envelope with "A"  or "Registered" postage. The Embassy will mail it 'B' mail if no envelope is provided.

    If you have a tight travel schedule and cannot be without your passport, you may come in person to the Embassy in Bern (by appointment only )or the Consular Agency in Zurich and Geneva (also by appointment only).  After viewing your original passport, the Consul or Consular Agent will return it to you.  All requirements listed above apply, except the fee can be paid in cash in either currency at the Embassy in Bern; at the Consular Agency in Zurich/Geneva only Swiss francs are accepted.  No personal checks are accepted.